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With the vision of “Let’s work together in peace and harmony to build up new businesses that will be of benefit to us and most importantly to the countries and people we chose to invest in and work amongst” in mind, Haggar Group strives to act responsibly. It does this by giving proper regard to the interests of all stakeholders including its Employed Persons, the Community in which it operates, the Environment within which it interacts, the Consumers and Suppliers while binding itself to a "Code of Conduct" which determines the way in which business is carried out.


Engagement of stakeholders is different than reputation and public relations. It requires a shift in corporate mindset and a change from treating stakeholders’ issues as marginal concerns that need to be managed, to collective ones that are tackled together through dialogue. This series of physical and online forums aims to create a discussion, communication and consultation platform with Haggar Group’s stakeholders.

Through these forums we aim to address a wide spectrum of cross-cutting issues. Ranging from the environment, education, health, livelihood and income generation to name a few. We focus on how we can, as private sector, attempt to address these cross-cutting issues throughout all of our activities in Sudan.

General Objective

Enhancing the process of engagement with Haggar Group’s key stakeholders using a two-way communication/consultation platform.
The exercise of using this online discussion platform is expected to lead the organization to draw its stakeholders map and determine the level of engagement required for each stakeholder starting from information sharing, through consultation and up to partnership creation.


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