The Aspired Role of the Private Sector in the New Sudan

The Aspired Role of the Private Sector in the New Sudan

Date: November 7, 2019 | Haggar Group

The private sector in Sudan has been playing a critical role in the economic development of the country as a provider of goods and services, a creator of jobs as well as a contributor to community development providing quality services and enhancing people’s wellbeing as a direct and indirect impact.

The past few decades have nevertheless significantly limited its role and its various business activities are often viewed by the public as mere capitalism that is not in alignment with the country’s overall welfare nor its needed development.

Worldwide, the role of the private sector has broadened and changed from the conventional approach to a more inclusive and wide-ranging one including commitments to international compacts and pledges, public-private partnerships and private-international community ones with a strong focus on sustainable development goals.

The private sector has a lot of potential as the main driver behind economic, and consequently community, development driving the growth of Sudan.


The forum brought together people with strong knowledge on diverse topics shedding light on the role of the Private Sector in the development of the New Sudan, what the opportunities are but also the gaps and challenges and how they should be prioritized and can be overcome.

The forum was honored by the presence of HE Madani Abbas Madani, who was invited as a key driver of many of the regulatory and structural reforms that are happening in the Ministry of Trade and Industry which have a direct positive impact on the Sudanese Private Sector.




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