Bridging the gap between Academia & the Private Sector

Date: September 3rd, 2020 | Haggar Group

Following the recent revolution and a dawn of hope for Sudan and its long awaited development, it is believed key for all citizens, governmental institutions, developmental organizations, the private sector and academia to be proactive and collaborate in moving the country forward.

While all of the above entities might be collaborating with each other in one form or another: ad hoc or irregular; it is believed that the least formalized and least regular interaction, particularly in Sudan, is between the private sector and academia.

While the interests/end objectives of each entity are quite divergent, a lot of common ones can nevertheless be identified.

These could be related to research, development of prototypes, enhancement of specific skills and competencies fit for technological and environmental needs of the country as well as provision of tailored modules aiming at covering needs of emerging markets and developmental requirements of the country.

It is thought that if proper collaboration is achieved, using research and development opportunities provided by academia as input to strategic decisions of the private sector, tangible results related to the sustainable development of the country and its economic growth could be obtained.

This forum aims at highlighting this issue amongst all those concerned, providing an opportunity for networking and taking a first step in bridging the gap between the two entities in question.



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